Usurpation Destroyer con

Usurpation Soldier Portrait in Multiplayer.

The Usurpian Destroyers are part of the Usurpian Soldiers that have a high amount of HP. They have at least more than 350 hp and the life they can have has no limits. They are known to sometimes have more health than Advanced Usurpation Soldiers. They tend to stay in large groups and will attempt to "rush"(Drive out of cover, or an straight forward charge.) the player. These Usurpations troops are a force to be reckoned with, as they appear with very dangerous weapons, such as the CS-BNG or the Alien Rifle. Oddly, they are rarely seen engaging in combat with Civil Security troops. They could possibly be a total different race from Usurpians, or they are a cousin of them, or that they just wear different armor.


They have a more jutted kind of chin and have red helmet visors. One notable difference from other Usurpation Soldiers, is that the Usurpian Destroyers have green blood. They also make different noises when they are injured and when they die.


When having to face them in combat, use your heavy weapons, use the Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro or the Plasmagun CS-Bloom. That way, you can deal with them in less time, and always aim at the head! Shooting them at the head deals great damage, if not killed immediately. Railguns excel at precise shots, especially when upgraded to level 2 or 3, so use them!


  • Usurpation Destroyers make different noises when injured and when they die.
  • They have green blood.
  • They have a jutted kind of chin.
  • They are mostly seen with a CS-BNG, or an level 3 Alien Rifle.
  • They never operate with other kinds of Usupation Soldiers.
  • The 3 Destroyers on level 41 seem to have more health than the other destroyers, it is possible these are very high ranking Usupation soldiers, perhaps, the leaders of the alien invasion.
  • They are usualy found in groups but rare.
  • Level 14 is where the aliens are from,Destroyers guard the arrival.
  • At level 41 Usrapation Forces got lost.