Welcome to the wikia! Although this wikia is new, we DO have some rules here. People are allowed to make CONSTRUCTIVE edits and all edits that aren't very good, we try to find a good explanation for it. But there are punishments for rulebreakers. But I hope that you won't get in trouble!


  • There will be no spamming. Spamming includes deleting content, putting offensive or nonsence content, and writing nonsence on other user profiles.
  • Please don't edit people's profiles without permisson. Although if you do, you won't be punished, it isn't nice.
  • No profanity. If you must cuss, you have to write it in this format. You F**K*NG BI***! But I hope we don't even have to do that.
  • No trolling. Trolling is surfing the net to start fights.
  • Flaming. Flaming is insulting people and can create full on flame wars.
  • No creating other accounts to escape a ban. It won't work and will lead you to an even longer ban.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the rules, please go to the Rule Suggestion page.


  • First offence will be a warning
  • A second warning depending on the offence.
  • Ban for 2-3 days.
  • Warning and ban on sending messages for 1 day.
  • Ban for 2 weeks
  • Ban for 3 weeks
  • Ban for a month
  • Ban for 3 months
  • Ban for a whole year.

We never ban people forever.

Rules For Administrators.Edit

  • No banning to win an argument.
  • No flaming to win an argument. You may take sides but only calmly do so.
  • No banning other administrators even if they break the basic rules. Contact me for help.
  • No infinite bans no matter how offensive.
  • No asking me to become a bureaucrat.Go to the buearucrat page to apply.

Follow these rules and you can be a bureaucrat.