212px-Proxy Lvl 30

Proxy's first appearance in Level 30

Proxy is a character that appears as a criminal and an ally to the Marine during the later levels. Her notable weapons are the Pistol ,Shotgun CS-DAZ, Assault Rifle CS-RC , and Railgun CS-OneSOneK.


Proxy without her helmet.

n the campaign, there are series of levels solely dedicated to her survival, until she meets the Marine, and later Noir Lime.


"Over here!" -When she spots a foe

"Up there!" -Another phrase when she spots an enemy

"Got one!" -When she kills an enemy

"Fantastic!" -Another phrase when she kills a foe

"Take cover!" -When she's hit

"Help!" - When she's dying or below 30 health

Proxy is the only female in the entire series. She is a criminal at Civil Security, and looks asian without her helmet. Later, she allies with The Marine, and Noir Lime near the end of the campaign. Also she is quite talkative, compared with the other characters.


  • Proxy is named after a proxy server, a server that carries messages from one computer to another. It is unknown why she is called this.
  • She has a red and blue version of her battlesuit, exclusive to the map editor, towards more of a Civil Security look.
  • She has a white version of her armor.