Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past
[[Plazma Burst Foward to The Past Logo|250px]]
Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past's logo.
Release March 24, 2009
Creator Eric Gurt


"Plazma Burst 1"
"Plazma Burst 2"

Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past is a game released by Eric Gurt on March 24, 2009. This game is basically a redo of Plazma Burst 1, another game which started the phenomonon. It sets in a post-apocalyptic planet where humans, androids, Falkoks, and drones fight the player, and each other. In-game, fight your way in each level, and upgrade your character and his weapons to take on more advanced and stronger opponents to survive.

Main CharactersEdit

Marine - The first character to appear in the on-going series. He is a very quiet person. He talks only to Noir Lime, near the end of the game. He is the protagonist of the game, as well as Plazma Burst 2. He uses a variety of weapons, from assault rifles, to plasma cannons.

Left: The Marine. Right: Noir Lime

Noir Lime - The second character in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past. He is introduced near the end of the levels, and you can play as him in some levels. He talks to the Marine in some occasions, and uses a Rapid-Fire SMG, exclusive to the first game.

Minor Characters/EnemiesEdit

Human Soldiers - The main force in Plazma Burst: Foward to The Past. They are the antagonistic faction, along with the androids, and aliens in the game. They wear blue armor, along with a helmet (although some don't use helmets) with a visor, either red or blue. These soldiers use the early Assault Rifle C-01r, Shotgun C-01s, and Pistol C-01p weapons while others use a Rocket Launcher, or a Plasma Cannon. They usually appear in groups of 2 or more, and almost never fight alone. They are hostile to the player and his ally, the Androids, and the Falkoks.

Androids - The second fraction to appear, after the humans. They use an android-exclusive shotgun, Rocket Launcher, or a Plasma Cannon on their wrists. They have 2 different kinds, one is a yellow version that is the most common. It uses a shotgun, and the second one is a blue android. However, it is much stronger, and uses more dangerous weapons to dispose their enemies of. As well as the Human Soldiers, they are enemies against the player.

Falkoks - The third enemey in-game. They are a highly advanced speices, who use high-tech weapons against their foes. They have the ability to use jetpacks. They also have a second kind, which is technically a type of android, dubbed the elite version of the red Falkoks. They only use the Plasma Cannon, and only appear in the last level. They seem to also use a giant robot, which injured Noir Lime after the Marine defeats it.


  • Always upgrade your weapons! As you progress, the enemies will get stronger as in hp and armor. Also, upgrade your armor, as well as your helmet! It is vital that you survive, as without a helmet, a shotgun blast, to a few shots of a pistol or rifle to the head is 100% fatal without some kind of protection of your head.
  • Use your grenades!
  • If all else fails, go into the battle and fire your assault rifle fully automatic!


  • This is where the Marine, and Noir Lime were first introduced.
  • This is where the Falkok was first introduced.
  • Many of the weapons here are some how related in Plazma Burst 2.
  • This game uses cut scenes to represent the story.
  • The Assault Rifle C-01r is the iconic picture of the first game.
  • The Pistol C-01p, when fully upgraded, can fire fully automactic. Also when pressing 2, it shows two pistols instead of one. This could be a glitch.
  • The Assault Rifle C-01r has a different firing sound effect than its Plazma Bust 2 version.