Level 2
The small Usurpation base (with elevator)
Combatants Marines


Strength 1 Marine

13 Usurpation Soldiers, 3 Advanced Usurpation Soldiers

Casualties Marines: Low

Usurpations: High }}

"Level 1"
"Level 3"

Level 2 is the second level in Plazma Burst 2.


The Marine is shown still falling into the pit, before landing near a minor Usurpation base. The Marine opens the door and kills the two Usurpation Soldier guards. Walking into the base's elevator room he sees three Usurpation Soldiers and an Advanced Usurpation Soldier. He kills them, and heads down a crude staircase and finds the control room for the elevator, guarded by two Usurpation Soldiers and an Advanced Usurpation Soldier. Once they were swept out of the road, the Marine flips the switch and causes the elevator to go down. An Usurpation Soldier sentry is informed, and appears, but to no avail as he is killed. The Marine goes back up to the elevator room and drops down the empty shaft. The Marine does a wall jump back up and sees another Usurpation Soldier and Advanced Usurpation Soldier. He kills them, and swims through the water under a Laser Module, being fired at by two Usurpation Soldiers above on a ledge and one on the other side. The Marine shoots the Orange Barrel, killing the high soldiers and shoots the soldier on the other side. With them taken care of, he proceeds to the door.


  • It is possible to go through the laser module, if you have "god 1" on.