Level 1
The small Civil Security sentry.
Combatants Marines


Civil Security

Strength 1 Marine

6 Usurpation Soldiers

2 Civil Security Lites, 2 Civil Security Heavys

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"Level 2"

Level 1 is the first level in Plazma Burst 2.


The Marine drops down to earth in a Life-Capsule and lands in an open cavern. The Marine then walk foward, out of the cavern, to see crates full of grenades and two dead Usurpation Soldiers. They are in front of a small Civil Security sentry, full of two Civil Security Lites and two Civil Security Heavys, Orange Barrels and more crates. The Marine goes in and kills all of them. Whgen the Marine gets out, he hears two explosions that came from two Drones being killed by two Usurpation Soldiers. First, he goes into another cavern/tunnel and kills two more Usurpation Soldiers before going back up and killing the others. After that, the Marine falls into a deep pit and goes to Level 2.


  • When the Drones explodes and the Marine goes to their area quickly, you can see that the Usurpation Soldiers that killed it are in an inactive state.