Using the Kinetic Module without picking up anything.


Using the Kinetic Module while picking up something, (in this case) a Pistol.

Kinetic Module is a move used by the hero in all single player maps. This ability is used to move barrels, corpses and weapons to a specified location. To use it, you have to press and hold down C. If it is used right, you can move barrels and take weapons even though players haven't dropped it. However, it is the hardest skill to master and takes 3 to 4 tries before getting the hang of it.

Using the kinetic module underwater.


You can move dead or dying bodies with the module. It can also be used to reach objects otherwise inacessible, or too dangerous to be retieved. When activated a white circle of energy is seen around the players hand, and the object being picked up. Heavier objects like barrels and dying enemies will be harder to move than lighter ones like weapons.

Note: The Heavy Battlesuit's kinectic module is slightly stronger than the Lite Battlesuit's module.


  • You can grab activated grenades, and toss it back at the enemy. You can also "catapult" your grenades as well!
  • This module can be useful for "redirecting" a misfired grenade.
  • Use the module to grab items from a distance otherwise be booby trapped or too hazardous to reach physically.
  • You can move barrels that would prove hazardous.
  • You can pick up bodies and use them as "meat shield".
  • Bodies can also be picked up in order to throw them into nearby Acid or a Laser Module.
  • You can pick up guns from a distance that would activate a trap,an example is on level 7.
  • The kinetic module can be used to take weapons from allies.
  • it can't be used in the air, and in most circumstances you can't use it in water or acid.