The heavy battle suit is the secondary armour of the hero. It is built for protection and stability. You may not jump as high or run as fast, but a boost of 750 life and reduced damage from falls may be lifesaving in certain situations.


The heavy battlesuit has by far, the largest psi blades in the game. They are sky blue while the helmet is large and is semi dark blue. The soles of the boots are grey while the module on the back is layered with grey. The rest of the armour is white. It is best used in levels with many explosive and blow back weapons. In the later levels, rocket launchers deal much more damage, so the heavy battlesuit is reccommended.


Weighted Suit
The Heavy Battlesuit is designed for heavy firefights. Use this suit to counter more dangerous foes in the later levels. Explosive and weapons that knockback will be less effective against the Heavy Battle suit. The Lite Battlesuit might be a better option for the earlier levels, as the higher jump and speed is useful for reaching ledges.

Trivia Edit

The suit has a lighter counterpart, the Lite Battlesuit which is the default suit in Plazma Burst.

You can switch out different colors for the arms, torso, legs, head. Strangely, when the player's body is mulitated, it bleeds different colours.

Oddly, when using the heavy battlesuit, your allies gain a health boost of 750 hp. (For Ex. Proxy:750 hp, and Noir Lime: 800 hp.)

Heavy Suit

The heavy suit in action