Civil Security Boss con

Civil Security Boss portrait in Multiplayer.

Always try to pick them off from a distance, but know that they can easily kill you with a heavier railgun.


The Civil Security Boss is the ultimate soldier in the Civil Security.

Civil Security Bosses first appear in Level 12.

Their armor can withstand several hits from a rocket lancher, but is light and strong enough to grant flexible mobility. Mostly they are rarely found, especially when encountered alone, but do not underestimate them. Their superior speed and superb armor make them excellent soldiers. They perfer heavy weapons like: CS-BNG, Plasmagun CS-Bloom, Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro, and the Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK.


When confronted, they use brute force to kill the player. It is reccomended that you take cover and use heavy-graded weapons to kill them. Grenades weaken them (however in hard mode, the enemy can regenerate health so deal with them quickly.) Rocket lanchers are legit, and so are railguns. Try to lure them into explosive barrels, then shooting them to deal with even further damage. Otherwise, use hit-and-run raids on them. They can usually be seen in red armour, making them stand out and also they have a red visor.

Do not underestimate the bosses, as they can eliminate the player with ease.
Drone Gun

Civil Security Bosses in action.


  • They are the highest ranking soldiers in the Civil Security
  • They have an antenna protruding from their backpacks, like the Marine's Lite Battlesuit.
  • The health of the Civil Security Bosses are most likely 1200 health due to the Civil Security Bosses armor.​