In the campaign of Plazma Burst 2, Civil Security is a group of human soldiers that are hostile to both the heroes and Usurpation soldiers.

Civil Security Heavies and Lites.


Civil Security Callouts and Sayings Edit

"Enemy spotted."- When a Lite, Heavy, or Boss spot an enemy,this is the most common thing they tend to shout out to the others to alert them of the enemies' presence.

"Requesting Reinforcements."- They will also shout this if they sight an enemy. Most of the civil security troops will shout this.

"Enemy over here" - The Lites, Heavies and Bosses will say this if they see you. This is not rare for them to say.

"Dammit!"- This will be said if a Lite, Heavy, or Boss is dying.

  • Ghosts have yet to be proven to be capable of speech.But gurgle during death.

Civil Security ranksEdit

There are four ranks in the Civil Security.

The ranks are in ascending order:

Civil Security Lite: The basic soldier of Civil Security. They have a helmet that has a wider visor than the heavy, and it is circular. They do not have large backpacks like the Civil Security Bosses and Heavies. They are the fastest of the Civil Security along with the the Civil Security Ghost. Lites tend to use pistols and assault rifles, and may appear with higher tech weaponry. Some may be encountered with no weapons,only swords. If they carry swords,watch out for ranged enemies behind them. Lites are fast, so shooting them with slow projectiles is difficult. Most of them are encountered in groups, along with Heavies and Bosses.

Elite soldier concept by Talros

Concept art for the Civil Security Heavy

Civil Security Heavy
: Heavies are of higher rank than the Civil Security Lites, but not as high as the Bosses. They have a helmet that has a "slit" for a visor. Their helmet points backwards. They use the advanced weapons that Civil Security has, such as the CS-BNG or the Plasma CS-Bloom. Heavies's are slower than other footsoldiers and it is rare for them to be armed only with swords. It is also unlikely that they will appear with an CS-BNG.They will appear with assault rifles and grenades in the earlier levels. But will appear with more advanced weaponary mid game.

Civil Security Ghost: The Civil Security Ghosts posess armor like a Lite, but have black armor and green visors. They also posess the ability to cloak and can only be seen when shot or when spawning. They are thought to be a different species to humans, because they bleed black blood. The Ghosts are regarded as the Civil Security's assassins and rarely work with other soldiers. They are rarely found with weapons, most rely on their PSI Blades.The Civil Security Ghosts are also the fastest of the Civil Security along with Civil Security Lite.

Civil Security Boss: The highest rank of the Civil Security. They have a helmet that is identical to the Lites' helmets, but red. They have the body identical to a Heavy, but red as well. The armor is quite heavier than the rest of the CSs' but provide excellent protection. They use heavier weapons that Civil Security has. They will start appearing in the later levels and are usually seen in pairs.

Civil Security weaponsEdit

Pistol: Fires one shot. Used mainly by the Civil Security. It is a basic sidearm.

Assault Rifle CS-RC: Automatic rifle. The weapon has low recoil and fires rapidly when shooting. Tends to be used by Lites in the middle of campaign, and Heavies at the beginning.

Shotgun CS-DAZ: A shotgun that is seen mid game. Used by Proxy, although sometimes used by Civil Security heavies and Ghosts.

Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot: Used by Lites in the middle of the campaign, but Heavies sometimes use this in the early levels.

Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK: Almost always used by Heavies in the middle/end of the campaign.

Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro: Anti-vehicle weapon. Used by all soldiers, except for Ghosts.

Plasmagun CS-Bloom: Used by the Lites, Heavies and Bosses. This weapon has slow projectiles that cause large damage. These will show up in the middle of the campaign.

Civil Security vehiclesEdit

Hound Walker-CS: A mech used by Civil Security Lites' and the protagonist during the later levels. It sports a cannon that shoots rounds similar to the size of the CS-BNG, but much less damaging.

Mobile rO81-CS: A wheeled vehicle encountered in level 11, being used by a CS Lite. It features a light gun similar to the C-01 pistol.


  • CS is placed in many weapon names that Civil Security uses. CS stands for Civil Security.
  • The boss is mostly one of the most HP-like model (just after the )
  • The pistol is sometimes considered the 3rd best weapon in the game.
  • All Civil Security avatars look very much like Spartans from the Halo series.
  • Civil Security Heavies looks very much like the EDF Troopers from Red Faction: Guerrilla.
  • All Civil Security avatars except for the ghost can be used in multiplayer death match. This is probably because of the cloaking ability. We do not know yet if Eric Gurt will release this character.
  • There is a red and blue version of the Civil Security Lite for Multiplayer.
  • The team for Civil Security on multiplayer is Team 11.
  • The multiplayer team for Civil Security is spelled: Citizen Security. This may be proper grammer, or just a mistake.
  • The trigger type 42 action 4 is spelled wrong. It is spelled "Citizen Sequrity", but it still appears as "Citizen Security".
  • A Civil Security soldier on level 31 may joke,"These aliens remind me of my wife!"
  • Civil Security is the only human enemy, other than the protagonist's clones.
  • Oddly, Civil Security will not talk during the beginning of the campaign.
  • The civil security are NOT the Human Soldiers from PB:FTP, the Human soldiers were just a group of soldiers stationed on what looks like either mars or the moon.