Android T-01187 con

Android T-01187 portrait in Multiplayer.

Android T-01187 is the most rare enemy in Plazma Burst 2 that is similar in form to the Android SLC-56 and is encountered in one level. Unlike the Android SLC-56, the Android T-01187 runs at a normal speed and can't jump high like the Android SLC-56. Like other enemies, these androids are inactive until you or an ally, such as Proxy come in sight range. If you kill an Android T-01187 it will eventually dissapear but not like the Civil Security Ghost (see page).

The Android T-01187 has a wide red helmet visor and the body itself is quite light. It is considered the 3rd lightest along with Android SLC-56 being 1st or the Falkok being the 1st due to the flying capability in highrise (the flying capability is displayed in more detail on the Falkok page).


  • These enemies are only seen in Level 8.