The Alien Shotgun is a new weapon in the Plazma Burst series.


The Alien Shotgun is an upgraded version of the Alien Rifle. It looks exactly like the Alien Rifle, except it has 2 small barrels, and a white color with a red trapezoid on the middle-top. This is almost always used by the Advanced Usurpation Soldiers and sometimes androids. However, this weapon blurs the boundary line between shotguns and long-range weapons. Even its range is phenomenal, as it maintains its accuracy over to long range, a rather "unique" trait for this shotgun, but does not retain the stopping power that the Alien Rifle posses.


The Alien Shotgun is ideal for both close and long range fire fights. It fires two energy pellets from its barrel, although not as high as the damage dealt with the Alien Rifle. Once upgraded, it essentially becomes a long-range weapon, suited for getting headshots, as it keeps the two pellets closely together.

When fired underwater, its projectiles slow down at least twice the speed. However, the latter resumes full velocity if it exits the water, if it ever does. Time Warp also slows the projectiles down.


The Alien Shotgun

The Alien Shotgun, if rarely, does not penetrate though living targets, but can go through thin walls and doors but at the cost of damage dealt.

However, it also has great range, go beyond the players view and still hit something thats not too far away. This weapon can play an offensive, defensive, or both roles.