The Alien Rifle is one of the four rapid-fire weapons in Plazma Burst 2, along with the Assault Rifle C-01r, the Assault Rifle CS-RC and the Minigun C-02m.


The Alien Rifle
is a "semi-auto" rifle, something that the other assault rifles do not have. This weapon is the de facto weapon of choice for Usurpation Grunts, Soldiers, or even Destroyers.

Its sleek barrel features three distinctive, slash lines at the end of the barrel, something that the Alien Shotgun posses. Both rifles share general appearance of shape.


The Alien Rifle is essentially a "battle rifle" for which the damage and accuracy to owe for. This weapon has the highest level of accuracy with the exception of the fully upgraded Lite Railgun. A fully upgraded Alien Rifle has the highest stoppoing power of any weapon, rivaling that of the level 3 Ray Gun C-01y in terms of penetration power. In fact, most Usurpation Grunts would instantly be maimed or incapaciated by one shot of the level 3 Alien Rifle, either an arm or leg take off. Prolonged periods of fire from the Alien Rifle will not reduce its accuracy, unlike other rifles.

While this weapon is suited for long range combat, the Alien Rifle is less suited for close range. The weapons rate of fire is the slowest of all 4 weapons, the fastest would be the Assault Rifle C-01r, or the Minigun C-02m.

This weapon can be served in a more defensive role, as its unparalleled acurracy and/or damage is useful.


The Alien Rifle can be bought from the Equipment Shop for $1400. It can also be dropped from some Usurpation Soldiers. However, you can't pick it up after level 3 and onward. It costs $300 credits for each upgrade.


  • The Alien Rifle has another version, dubbed the Alien Shotgun.
  • Its stopping power is rivaled by the upgraded Ray Gun C-01y.
  • This weapon becomes "obsolete" in the later levels.
  • When fully upgraded, it's recoil is very small, making it a great all-round weapon for early levels.